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Do you have limited space in your mechanical room?

Do your family members complain that the hot water is ‘running out’? Are you tired of paying to keep 50 gallons of water hot day and night, even when you’re not using it? Is your conventional water heater old, rusty and inefficient? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a tankless water heater is worth considering.

Tankless Water Heater benefits

Long Lasting

Endless Hot Water

Energy efficiency and conservation

Space saving

And more...

All Season Home Comfort

No matter how extreme the weather outside, stay comfortable inside with a furnace and air conditioner system designed to keep your family warm in winter and cool all summer.

Traditional Tank-included hot water system
vs. a tankless system

Tank-included Hot Water System

  • PRO:  Long lasting

    Manufacturers realize that a flooded home is not something that any homeowner would want, so they build both tank and tankless systems with high quality materials to avoid potential leakage from either system.

  • CON:  Limited hot water volume

    Tanks are limited by the sheer volume of the tank.  When that runs out, it will take time for the system to reheat new water, so the supply is NOT endless.

  • CON:  Less energy efficient vs. tankless

    Hot water can be called for at any time, so tank-style systems must ensure that the water sitting in the tank stays at the desired temperature 24/7 so even though many units are ENERGY STAR rated, they still have heaters that cut on and off to constantly maintain hot water temperatures and this uses energy.

  • Neutral:  Space

    While tank-style systems do take up more space in equipment rooms than tankless systems, typically, these rooms have the space to house a tank already, so this may be considered either a CON, or Neutral if the space is there anyway – you decide.

  • CON:  Replacement is more common vs repair

    Except for a few parts that are easily accessible, if a tank-style hot water heater has mechanical issues, it is generally removed and replaced.  This has an impact on the environment as while some of these tanks are recycled, some also go to landfill.

  • PRO: Saves money

    Tank-style systems have been the industry norm. for many years, so most homes already have a predetermined space reserved for a tank-style system.  Replacing them is quick and easy and may allow installers to simply exchange a new tank for the old one - placing it in the same position as an older tank–so connections are right at hand - which saves money.

  • PRO: Water output

    When many hot water consuming activities are taking place simultaneously, a large tank-style system may be better positioned to supply all those needs at the same time.

Tankless Hot Water System

  • PRO:  Long lasting

    Manufacturers realize that a flooded home is not something that any homeowner would want, so they build both tank and tankless systems with high quality materials to avoid potential leakage from either system.

  • PRO: Endless hot water

    Because your system is always drawing water and heating it right from its source, there is no tank that can run out of water and leave you standing in a shower with soap in your eyes.

  • PRO: Energy efficiency and conservation

    Since tankless systems only heat water when it’s called for, they do not have to maintain temperatures in a static tank, which in the long run, saves money and conserves energy.

  • PRO: Space saving

    Tankless systems take up a fraction of the space of a traditional tank-style system.

  • PRO: More easily repairable

    Tankless systems are easier to repair because the parts are readily accessible and are not encased in tanks that inhibit access. 

  • CON:  Costs

    Installing or converting to a tankless system can incur some additional costs because they will require new venting and repositioning of gas lines during installation.  However, energy savings can over time offset some of these costs. 

  • PRO: Water output

    While hot water is available on demand, when multiple items such as a dishwasher, showers and laundry run at the same time, occasionally, a single tankless system may have trouble keeping up with the load requirement.  That is why it may be advisable to install two tankless systems if your home’s requirements are significant.

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