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Smart homes contain internet-enabled communication technology which assists homeowners in controlling a wide variety of home equipment and monitoring tools remotely from computers, smartphones and tablets.

Forget to turn the lights off? We’ve got your covered!

Home automation allows you to perform a wide variety of functions while you’re away, right from the comfort of your smart phone or tablet.  From monitoring or adjusting current room temperatures for optimum energy usage, to checking on, or enabling security features such as locks, lights, door bells, garage doors and monitoring cameras - you can keep a close eye on what’s happening in and around your home from anywhere in the world.  Depending on the equipment installed, you can even see who is at your door, who has entered or exited your home, the times they did so, and even when and which lights are turned on or off.

Discover The Benefits of Automating Your Home

Accessibility - remotely monitor and control smart functions including temperature, lights, blinds, water leaks, etc.

Improved home security

Ease-of-use - manage functions right from your smartphone or tablet

Peace-of-mind when you travel

Convenience - adjust temperatures without leaving the comfort of your bed or chair

Keep your home safe,
secure and comfortable

Home automation allows you to perform a wide variety of functions while you’re away,
right from the comfort of your smart phone or tablet.

How will a smart home improve your daily life?

  • Makes it look like your home even when your miles away – A smart home system can make it look like you’re sitting right in your living room, by ensuring that you can control the lights from wherever you are in the world.  Ensuring that regular family routines are maintained may decrease the risk that anyone will realize that you’re not home.
  • Improved home security - See who is at your door, and talk to them as if you’re right in your home and no one will be the wiser - even when you’re at work or travelling.
  • Monitors and texts you when someone is entering or exiting your home - Always know when your kids get home from school, or any scheduled visitors such as cleaning staff, guests, etc. arrive or depart.
  • Not sure if your door was locked when the last person left the home? Smart systems can remotely lock or unlock your doors as you wish – so you can double-check to ensure your home is secure, and give you peace-of-mind while you’re away.
  • Control your homes temperature without getting out of bed or off the couch – Smart systems ensure that you can control your homes temperature and air quality without stepping away from what you’re doing – even if that’s simply snuggling down into bed for a good night’s sleep, or watching your favourite movie on TV.
  • Manages temperatures while you’re away – Control your heat/cooling settings when you’re out of town so you can maximize energy savings.
  • Monitor moisture levels, so leaks are caught before damage is done –Water leaks can be a serious concern if you’re not at home to catch the issue early on.  You can install wireless water sensors which can be paired with a main valve shut-off. This way, if water is sensed where it shouldn’t be, a smart home system can communicate with a wireless valve shut-off and turn off your water supply before major damage is done.
  • Added door security - Use front door cameras to check for packages or see who is lurking by your front door when you’re not home.  Get peace-of-mind knowing that your property is safe and secure.  You can also feel comfortable knowing that no one in your family such as younger children or seniors will physically open a door to speak with a stranger when it can be completed safely via a smart connected device instead.

We offer a wide variety of smart home solutions, so you can choose the products and level of technology that’s right for you.  There are so many ways a smart home can make your life more convenient while aiding in accessibility, energy efficiency, comfort, and peace-of-mind. We’ll help you determine and install the smart home system that’s right for you.

Choose from a variety of Smart home options

  • Trane’s Nexia System helps you connect to your home from an all-in-one application (app). Nexia thermostats can be installed with many pieces of Trane® HVAC equipment and include the XL824, XL850 or XL1050 thermostat models. The great benefit to these controls is that they have a ‘Bridge’ built into them. This bridge allows for remote control of your HVAC system, while also having the ability to communicate with more than 400 smart home products including security cameras, water leak sensors, thermostats, remote control lighting and more.


*  Access is dependent upon internet availability

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