Home Comfort Plans

Experience total peace of mind with our Home Comfort Plans. Our expertly crafted packages guarantee year-round
peak efficiency for your home comfort equipment. Say goodbye to unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs with
our affordable plans that proactively catch issues before they escalate. Trust Energy Clean Home Services to
safeguard your comfort and ensure worry-free living in every corner of your home.

Home Comfort Plans


$9 / Month

  • 1 Maintenance / Year Included on Choice
  • 1 Visit / Year
  • $69 Diagnostic Fee For Covered Unit
  • 10% Repair Discount
  • Priority Booking


$20 / Month

  • 1 Maintenance / Year Included on Furnace and AC/ Heat Pump
  • Tankless water Heater, Humidifier, HRV, and Fireplaces included
  • 2 Visits / Year
  • $69 Diagnostic fee for covered units
  • 10% Repair Discount
  • Priority Booking


$16 / Month

  • 1 Maintenance / Year Included on Furnace and AC/Heat pump
  • 2 Visit / Year
  • $69 Diagnostic Fee For Covered Unit
  • 10% Repair Discount
  • Priority Booking

Consistent Comfort

Regardless of the weather outside, our plans guarantee that your home maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the year, providing you with a sanctuary from external conditions.

Cost Savings

By maintaining peak efficiency, our plans offer substantial cost savings by reducing energy consumption and minimizing utility bills, ensuring that your investment in home comfort is both economical and

Peace of Mind

With regular maintenance checks included in our plans, you can rest assured that potential issues are detected and addressed promptly, minimizing the risk of disruptions to your comfort and safety.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Our plans prioritize the longevity of your equipment, extending its lifespan through regular maintenance, thereby maximizing your investment and minimizing the need for premature replacements.

Our Home Comfort Plans cover a comprehensive range of equipment, including furnaces, air conditioning units, tankless and tank-style water heaters, air exchangers, and humidifiers, ensuring that all aspects of your home comfort system are
adequately cared for.

With affordable pricing and the expertise of our certified technicians, our plans offer unparalleled value, saving you both time and money while ensuring the continued comfort and efficiency of your home.

Experience the difference with our Home Comfort Plans and invest in the long-term well-being of your home today.

"Take the first step towards ultimate home comfort and savings! Reach out to our team of Energy Clean Home Services Comfort Specialists today. Let us guide you in selecting the perfect plan tailored to your needs, saving you precious time and money along the way. Get in touch now!"

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