Energy Clean HVAC Services: Your Authorized Home Depot Installer

Authorized Home Depot Installer

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, we understand the importance of choosing the right HVAC service provider. That’s why Energy Clean HVAC Services proudly offers something special – we’re an authorized Home Depot Installer. But what does that mean for you, the homeowner? Let’s dive into why this partnership matters and how it…

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How Will I Know When To Replace My Central Air Conditioning Unit?

Typically, there are 9 tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace your central air conditioning unit: If you’ve observed any of these signs with your central air conditioning unit, it’s advisable to consult with an Energy Clean Home Comfort Specialist promptly. Addressing minor issues early can prevent them from escalating into major problems later.

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When Should I Turn Off My Furnace

As the chill of winter begins to wane and the promise of warmer days beckons, many Toronto residents find themselves contemplating when to bid farewell to their trusty furnace until the next cold season rolls around. Deciding the ideal time to turn off your furnace can be a balancing act between comfort, energy efficiency, and…

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Protecting Your Home from Frozen Pipes in Toronto

As winter descends upon Toronto, here’s a crucial reminder to residents about safeguarding their homes against the harsh bite of freezing temperatures. One of the most common winter woes homeowners face is the risk of frozen water pipes, which can lead to significant property damage if left unchecked. In this blog post, we delve into…

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Should I Turn My Furnace Off When I Go On Vacation?


With winter setting in, many of us plan vacations to escape the chilly weather and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. While eagerly packing your bags, it’s essential not to overlook the necessary preparations for your home, particularly if you live in a region with frigid temperatures. In this blog post, we’ll discuss setting your furnace and…

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Managing Winter Window Condensation: HVAC Insights for Ontario Home

Condensation on windows

Ontario winters bring their share of challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. One common issue many homeowners face during this season is window condensation, often signalling underlying HVAC-related concerns. Let’s investigate why this happens and how an HVAC-centric approach can alleviate this problem. HVAC Insights into Ontario’s Winter…

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The Invisible Threat: Carbon Monoxide and Furnaces

At Energy Clean, we’re dedicated to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment within your homes. As we celebrate our commitment to top-notch HVAC services, we also feel responsible for ensuring your awareness of potential dangers lurking within your heating systems. Today, let’s delve into the silent menace of carbon monoxide (CO) and its association with…

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What is the average life of HVAC

When it comes to your home’s comfort, the unsung hero, often quietly humming away in the background, is your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. While it’s easy to take this vital component for granted, understanding its lifespan can help homeowners plan for future maintenance, repairs, or even replacements. So, what exactly is the…

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