Reasons To Cover Your AC Unit In The Off-Season

One of the common questions we get asked is “Do I actually need to cover my air conditioner in the fall/winter?”. The short answer is Yes! Covering your AC unit is very important because it is an act of maintenance and protects your unit from seasonal elements! 

To learn more about this topic look no further. This blog post will outline all of the reasons why you should cover your AC unit in the off-seasons.  

1. Rust Prevention 

Air conditioner units have several metal components that when exposed to rain and snow will start to rust. This is a process that may not be noticeable but can spread quite quickly. Rusted unit components may be subject to repair, however, in more severe cases, the entire unit may need replacing. For this reason, covering the unit will prevent any exposure to seasonal elements that cause rust! 

2. Coil Protection 

One of the main components of an AC unit is the coil, and this also happens to be one of the most delicate and expensive. Without a proper AC cover, dust, dirt and debris can accumulate on the coils and damage them over time. You can also prevent this risk by receiving yearly maintenance on your AC unit, but covering your AC will act as an additional layer of defence against debris.  

3. Critter Deterrence 

As the fall season begins, animals look for shelter in order to escape the cold weather. Unfortunately for us, AC units can act as the perfect winter home for a small animal to hide out. Even worse, these critters cause serious damage to the AC unit and could result in homeowners needing to replace the unit come spring. With an AC cover, it deters critters by acting as a shield to the AC.  

4. Mold Prevention 

As the ice and snow melt during the beginning of spring, mold growth becomes a risk for your outdoor AC unit. An AC unit cover will protect the components of the outdoor unit by shielding it from melting ice and early spring showers.  

How to Cover an Air Conditioner 

To prepare your outdoor unit to be shut down for the fall/winter, first you must ensure that the unit is turned off and cleaned. After this, a correctly sized AC cover can be fitted onto the unit. Our friendly HVAC technicians here at Energy Clean can help you with this as a part of the Maintenace check-ins they perform.  

For more information and inquiries about getting a new unit cover please contact us today!  

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