How often should I clean my air conditioner?

This all depends on where your AC is located. Beside a farmer’s field or in a sheltered corner of your backyard? Intervals differ – but the short answer is: Yes! The metal (preferably aluminum) ‘condenser’ coil on your air conditioner is there to get rid of heat. Aluminum is more resistant to corrosion than copper – so make sure to ask for an aluminum coil (indoor and out) when buying a new AC.  

The condenser coil helps the refrigerant in your AC cool down and turn back into a liquid. We highly recommend cleaning your AC every few years. Dirty air conditioners consume more electricity that clean ones. A dirty outdoor coil also puts more strain on your compressor and fan motor. 

Inside, above your furnace, there is a second coil – call the ‘evaporator coil’. This is where the liquid refrigerant from your outdoor AC evaporates (by absorbing heat from the indoor air). If this coil is dirty, it can limit airflow and even freeze. This can lead to a costly service call and possibly a broken furnace if too much water melts onto the electronics below. When you have your outdoor coil cleaned – make sure you have the indoor coil cleaned at the same time!

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